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The positive economic environment together with a likely ongoing fundamental supply/demand imbalance,makes Australian residential property an attractive investment for the foreseeable future.

The Donnelly Group has exclusively undertaken property development activities in Australia since 1988.
As Australia has experienced incredible growth through immigration and foreign investment, a demand on new housing and infrastructure has provided developers with a pipeline of work to deliver inner city residential projects and mixed use projects in order to meet demand.


There has been a persistent under-supply for housing (and high-density housing in particular) in Australia’s major capital cities in recent years. This is anticipated to continue for the foreseeable future. Principle factors for ongoing demand include:

Population Growth

Australia’s healthy population growth is set to continue well into future decades. Australian’s Bureau of Statistics projects Australia’s current population of 23m will to reach as much as 42m by 2056.

Population Growth Fuelled By Immigration

According to Australia’s Department of Immigration and Citizenship, estimates for annual net overseas migration will remain steady at approximately 250,000 until at least June 2017′.

Social Trends

Social trends that will support inner city living and apartment living in particular include an aging population looking to scale down, more people living on their own, a rise in couples choosing not to have children and thus not requiring a large home and the trend in Gen Y Australians preferring to rent in trendier inner locations rather than buying an affordable house in the outer regions.

Historically Low Rental Vacancy Rates

Rental vacancy rates have remained low for some time in Australia. Melbourne’s current rental vacancy rate has been steady at 2.7% and Sydney’s where rental demand is higher, is approximately 1.6%.

Foreign Investment In Australia

The Australian Foreign Investment Review Board allows foreigners to purchase newly developed apartments.

Australian Housing Snapshot

“New dwelling approvals are currently running at an annualized completions rate of just 120,000, well below the long-run average of 150,000 and underlying housing demand of 185,000. Consequently, market fundamentals are tightening rapidly and rental growth has accelerated. Combined with a marked improvement in housing affordability we believe housing will become increasingly attractive to both first home-buyers and investors in the years ahead.”​

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