Stephen Donnelly
Property Developer
Residential and Commercial Projects
Design and Construction

Melbourne, Sydney, Queensland

Stephen Donnelly
Property Developer
Melbourne   Sydney   Queensland

A History of Property Development Achievements

Over the past three decades Stephen Donnelly has been actively involved in property development in Australia. Starting originally renovating houses and small commercial offices in the inner suburbs of Melbourne and later progressing to medium density projects and multi storey commercial buildings in major capital cities of Australia.
1981 to 1984 
Work completed between this period consisted of small residential and commercial developments personally managed by Stephen Donnelly on site directing trades and building personal as well as participating in building work himself. Due to the rapid expansion of the company a more senior role had to be taken in overseeing the purchase of sites, town planning issues, the coordination of project consultants, liaising with banks and financiers, marketing and construction management.  
1985 to 1994
Stephen directed the company towards commercial and mixed use developments in the inner City of Melbourne and surrounding areas due to the strong requirement for commercial office and retail space . During this period the company grew from three to seventy staff through the joint ownership of a construction company founded by Stephen Donnelly. Some $200 million dollars of development and construction work was completed during this period under the control and direction of Stephen Donnelly. Projects varied from retail shops, warehouses, industrial complexes to showroom offices and historical projects involving the restoration of old Victorian buildings.
1995 to 1996
A variety of buildings were constructed to provide new office accommodation, shops, restaurants in areas close the central business district of Melbourne. A number of prime retail projects were completed for some of Australia’s leading retailers in Richmond and South Yarra, Melbourne.
Stephen Donnelly built the first air rights project in Victoria awarded by the Public Transport Corporation of Victoria. This was an innovative project in possibly Melbourne’s strongest retail strip and required particular skills in both architectural design, project management and construction. The financing aspects of this project were unique and successfully arranged and finalized by the company.
1998 to 2004
Involved a number of prime residential projects both above existing commercial buildings and the refurbishment of existing structures in the inner city of Melbourne. These projects involved pre marketing of residential apartments off the plan and overseas marketing in Asia.  During the course of these developments Stephen Donnelly directed the company through major construction works and high rise development providing experience which allowed future major developments to be undertaken.
2005 to 2013
The company acquired one of the largest parcels of development land in the central business district of Melbourne .  The design phase was complex and involved some of Australia’s leading consultants to complete a mixed use complex approved by the minister for planning in Victoria.  The project consisted of 92 residential apartments, 300 car spaces, 45 retails shops and the structure to support a 60 level tower with 350 residential apartments.
The project was successfully sold to a major public company upon completion.
Due to the variety of projects and work undertaken by the Donnelly Group , Stephen Donnelly has a great deal of experience in directing all facets of property development in Australia that involves;
Negotiations with Government and authorities
Property Law
Town Planning & Zoning Laws
Land Survey and Subdivision Requirements
Licensing and tenancy legislation
Environmental Management
Urban Design
Architecture and design processes
Financing and Structuring
Construction Management
Project Management
Marketing & Sales 
"Nothing is more satisfying than seeing the final embodiment of hard work,
well thought out planning and a focus on every little detail"

Stephen Donnelly