Stephen Donnelly
Property Developer
Residential and Commercial Projects
Design and Construction

Melbourne, Sydney, Queensland

As Director of the Donnelly Group , Stephen Donnelly has a great deal of experience in directing all facets of property development in Australia that involves;
Negotiations with Government and authorities
Property Law
Town Planning & Zoning Laws
Land Survey and Subdivision Requirements
Licensing and tenancy legislation
Environmental Management
Urban Design
Architecture and design processes
Financing and Structuring
Construction Management
Project Management
Marketing & Sales
Building the World of Tomorrow

Setting new standards in property development and construction excellence

Over the past three decades Stephen Donnelly has been actively involved in property development in Melbourne, Australia. Starting originally renovating houses and small commercial offices in the inner suburbs of Melbourne and later progressing to medium density projects and multi storey commercial buildings in major capital cities of Australia.
From imagination to reality

Stephen Donnelly strives for excellence in every project he works on.